Sunday, July 02, 2006



A no brainer to figure out i enjoyed this movie. why? Because it was on IMAX.

It was not a premiere, but the night was crowded with celebs (thanks to the GMA-sponsored evening, i guess) and hobnobbing was all around us prior to the screening. Needless to say,i was sorta bemused by all the damn cameras and chitchat around me. Thank God for grounded and semi-jaded friends whom you can always count on to put in a little reality perspective :-)

The 20 mins of Superman on 3D is a bit daunting at first but once you get the hang of those glasses, man, it's spectacular, to say the least. I guess the 3D imagery really made all the difference for me, since the plot was kinda slow and the scenes, well, i was already expecting that twist... a little too unsubtle in the end, i think. (for those who haven't watched it, well, you'll get it when you see the movie) :-P

But yes, the movie itself was pretty great (Brian Singer is GOD) with its amazing effects, lovely cinematography and the oh-so-hot cast they managed to round up. Kudos to Parker Posey, who played my favourite cast member, Kathryn (a.k.a Kitty!) --- she really is such a talent. Also much admiration goes to Brandon Routh (i now remember his name!), the Chistopher Reeve look-alike they got to fill in those shoes. Ooh lala. I was a little put off by Spacey's Lex, but then again, with a double life sentence and some intense 5 years of grudges, who wouldn't go a little batty? :-P It was a surprising change from the character Gene Hackman played from the earlier Superman movie.

But the big thing for tonight was, Inspite some cheesy parts and lines in between, the whole experience of watching Superman on Imax --- it was truly worth the 3 freaking hours (losing sleep in the process ---it's 4 in the freakin' morning and i'm still writing this!) I was able to check out two things tonight:

1. MOA is friggin' big.

2. IMAX can be a pleasurable experience indeed. Hehehe.


hlF said...

waaaah!!! i wanna see Supes! it will be eons till they start showing it here... *sniff* btw, did you know that they had digitillay de-enhance Supes' package? apparently, it was too big... hmmm...

wanderlust junkie said...

shyet. that sux. big time. miss ya girl!!!!

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